How The Lesson Scheduler came to be…

As a mom of horse crazy girls I spent a lot of time waiting at the barn and talking with parents, and trainers. It always amazed me how disorganized the whole lesson planning appeared. One day my curiosity got the better of me and I volunteered to help out with the scheduling of lessons at our barn. Armed with an Excel spreadsheet and text messages from my smartphone I was able to revive the lesson program and keep things running smoothly. There was just one problem, it was a lot of work. A lot! And most of it was double or triple work.

I kept an Excel file for the weekly lessons, and my smartphone for sending SMS, and a separate client list for the barn owner. At the conclusion of the lessons I was updating who had paid, and who would ride the following week. Then I had another Excel spreadsheet keeping track of lessons of the trainers so they could get paid. Then there was another spreadsheet for next week’s lesson. I kept sending text messages a few days in advance to remember students about their upcoming lessons, responded to questions, and even got as far as letting the barn helpers know which horses were going to be used when. But the amount of work is just crazy.

With this experience I started thinking how this really should be simplified with a handy app specific to the equine world (google calendar simply does not work). Now many months later I finally have a comprehensive lesson scheduler app for equine trainers. The Lesson Scheduler is designed to let you keep up with your lesson management with a few swipes and touches from any of your internet enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, phablet) during the day so when you come home at night you have time for friends and family.