Information about the Lesson Scheduler, and future FAQs


Under this dropdown are the pages to add Clients, Barn locations, and horses. Minimum information that you need to fill in at Clients is the name, and phone numbers. All other information can be filled in later by editing the client list.


The client list is kept comprehensive with showing only the relevant information. Clicking on the line of the client shows a popup of all the address information that you collected (or not yet). Instead of deleting clients you can deactivate the client. This way you will still be able to look up historical information about this client. Client list can be exported as a pdf file.

C Schedule

In the client schedule you can easily set up/edit lessons, assign horses. You will be also able to filter on client to get a list of dates they have taken lessons on.

W Schedule

In the week schedule you have an overview of days, and times of the lessons. Clicking on the row of the lesson opens up a screen where you can easily forward the lesson 1-4 weeks ahead of time for part or the whole group, or individual dates and times. After the lesson you will be able to easily (within no time) set up future lessons, and payment information (see below).


On the Whiteboard you will see a couple of dropdowns with all the information you need. Just like the Whiteboard in the barn.

From the Whiteboard page you will have the option to send people a standard reminder text. The customer can respond to this SMS by confirming (1) or cancelling (3) the lesson ahead of time. After the initial SMS you will be able to check on this page by going to the lesson date and time if someone responded. No need to check your texts, or respond to texts during/after lessons. Only direct contacts will be of people who want to reschedule to another date/time. After sending this SMS you will be able to assign the horse, and send them a SMS with which horse they will be riding. This makes it better doable if lessons are planned close together. As a future option I see is that you are able to send this assignment list to the barn manager, who will then be able to keep the horses in, or inform you about the unavailability of certain assigned horses, due to lost shoes, or lameness, etc. Which beat scrambling last moment to find replacement horses, and even will enable you to reschedule lessons before you drive all the way to the barn for that private lesson.

Other group SMS options are cancellations ‘due to inclement weather’, and ‘due to unforeseen circumstances’.

Lesson Log

I see this as the biggest time saver. This list is prepopulated with name, date, time, horse information. In the Lesson Log, after the lesson(s) or just before you drive home, you will be able within no time, to add lesson type, payment type, amount, any notes (140 characters), and the fee to trainer amount. This list can be exported pdf format or to an excel file (weekly basis). You can attach it to an email whenever the barn owner asks for it. No need to keep copies. Everything is in one place available from every device you are working with. The excel file makes it really easy to calculate the totals, create a list of the amount of times horses are used, whatever you would like to do with the collected information.